Head of Department:
Prof. Dr. med. Michael Uder

Our goal is to give scientists and workgroups of the FAU, as well as external cooperation partners, access to multimodal small animal imaging. Integration of various non-invasive imaging modalities in one place is essential for goal-oriented, modern imaging in preclinical science. At PIPE there are various modalities available, ranging from MRI, PET/SPECT/CT and ultrasound. This enables us to perform both in vivo and ex vivo examinations.

Besides imaging as service for cooperation-partners, further enhancement of existing methods and  development of new methods in the are of small-animal imaging are very important to us, especially in response of individual questions. To fulfill these tasks, it is essential that staff-members are regularly involved in clinical radiology, to address current questions raised in clinical routine and to transfer new research results to clinical applications.

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