Head of Department:
Prof. Dr. med. Michael Uder


Siemens Inveon PET/SPECT/CT multi-purpose instrument

Specifications Inveon, Siemens, PET-module

  • usage of clinical tracers (e.g. 18F-FGD)
  • 1,6x1,6mm detector-pixel-dilatation
  • axial field-of-fiew of 12,7cm
  • 1x1cm thick LSO crystals for detection
  • CT based attenuation correction

Specifications Inveon, Siemens, SPECT-module

  • detection of gamma-rays of 35 through 300 keV
  • NaI-detectorcrystals (2 mm x 2 mm x 10 mm)
  • single- und multipinhole collimators
  • several reconstruktionsalgorithms available

Specifications Inveon, Siemens, CT-module

  • isotropic resolution of up to 25 µm
  • up to 80 kV tube voltage and up to 500 mA tume current intensity
  • wolframite electrode
  • CT images can be combines with PET or SPECT images